Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
Updated Monday December 26, 2011
Exec Query
Win32_Process: WMI Enables Process Monitoring
Executing a WMI SQL statement to create a local machine or remote machine process monitor to track the opening and closing of a specific exe. April 25.2005

Computer System Hardware Classes
Cooling Device Win32_TemperatureProbe: WMI Temperature Probe Info
The Win32_TemperatureProbe WMI class returns temperature sensor information. Mar 5.2002

Input Device Win32_Keyboard: WMI Keyboard Information
Information returned from the Win32_Keyboard class. Mar 26.2002

Win32_PointingDevice: WMI Pointing Device Info
Information returned from the Win32_PointingDevice class. Mar 26.2002

Mass Storage Win32_LogicalDisk: WMI Method to Invoke Chkdsk
Using Win32_LogicalDisk to Chkdsk a local fixed drive. Mar 7.2002

Win32_DiskDrive: WMI Disk Drive Information
Physical disk drive information on a system running the Windows operating system retrieved through the WMI Win32_DiskDrive WMI class. Mar 25.2002

Win32_LogicalDisk: WMI Logical Disk Information
Win32_LogicalDisk WMI class represents a data source that resolves to an actual local storage device on a Windows system. Mar 7.2002

Motherboard, Controller, and Ports Win32_BIOS: WMI System BIOS Information
The Win32_BIOS WMI class returns attributes of the computer BIOS. Mar 25.2002

Win32_BaseBoard: WMI Baseboard (Motherboard) Info
Win32_BaseBoard (aka motherboard / system board) information. Mar 25.2002

Win32_CacheMemory: WMI System Cache Memory Info
The Win32_CacheMemory WMI class represents the represents the internal and external cache memory on a computer system. Mar 5.2002

Win32_Processor: WMI Processor Information
The Win32_Processor WMI class returns processor status and information for both single and multiprocessor machines. Mar 4.2002

Win32_SystemSlot: WMI System Slot Info
Win32_SystemSlot identifies posts and motherboard slots and connection points. Mar 26.2002

Networking Device Win32_NetworkAdapter: WMI Network Adapter Info
The Win32_NetworkAdapter WMI class enumerates and returns network adapters on a Windows system. Mar 4.2002

Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration: WMI Network Adapter Configuration
Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration returns attributes and behaviours of a network adapter. This class has been extended to include extra properties and methods that support the management of the TCP/IP and Internetworking Packet Exchange (IPX) protocols. Mar 4.2002

Video and Monitor Win32_DesktopMonitor: WMI Desktop Monitor Info
Retrieving Win32_DesktopMonitor class monitor info. Mar 25.2002

Win32_DisplayConfiguration: WMI Display Configuration Info
Win32_DisplayConfiguration retrieved display info. Mar 25.2002

Win32_VideoController: WMI Video Controller Info
Using Win32_VideoController to interrogate and retrieve video controller information. Mar 25.2002

Operating System Classes
Desktop Win32_Desktop: WMI Desktop Settings
Retrieving settings for all desktops running on the local system. Mar 25.2002

Win32_Environment: WMI Environment Settings
Retrieving environment or system environment settings on a Windows computer system. Mar 25.2002

Operating System Win32_ComputerSystem: WMI System Information
Win32_ComputerSystem WMI class information. Mar 25.2002

Win32_DiskPartition: WMI Disk Partition Info
The Win32_DiskPartition WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_Account: WMI Group Account Info
The Win32_Account WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_CodecFile: WMI Installed Codec File Info
The Win32_CodecFile WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_OperatingSystem: WMI Operating System Info
Demonstrates information available from the Win32_OperatingSystem WMI class. Mar 5.2002

Win32_LogicalProgramGroup: WMI Start Menu Program Groups
The Win32_LogicalProgramGroup WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_LogicalProgramGroupItem: WMI Start Menu Program Group Members
The Win32_LogicalProgramGroupItem WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_LoadOrderGroup: WMI System Service Load Order Info
The Win32_LoadOrderGroup WMI class. Oct 30.2002

Win32_BaseService: WMI Base Service Information
The Win32_BaseService WMI class. Oct 30.2002

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