VB5/VB6 Callback Routines
Callbacks, enumerations, hooks and subclassing are for VB5/VB6 only.
Updated Monday December 26, 2011
Browse for Folders
SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Callback Overview
A discussion of the terms and requirements for providing the interface to a Browse for Folders callback routine. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Pre-selecting Folders using a Browse Callback
Add a callback routine to your VB5/6 code to allow pre-selecting of a file system object when displaying the Browse Folders Dialog. Added version-detecting code and necessary changes to allow the String method to function on NT. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Restrict Browse Selection to a CD/DVD via Callback
Adding GetDriveType() to a Browse callback to enable selection of a CD/DVD drive only. March 31.2004

EnumDisplaySettings: Enumerate Available Display Resolutions
Use this method to determine which resolutions a system supports. Sep 01.1998

ChangeDisplaySettings: Change Display Resolution
Use this routine to change the current screen resolution or depth. Sep 01.1998

EnumDisplayDevices: Enumerating System Display Devices
Calling EnumDisplayDevices to obtain information about the display devices in a system. Mar 29.2002

CopyFileEx: Create a File Backup App with a Progress Callback
Backup app for NT that uses the CopyProgressRoutine callback to track file copy progress. Dec 20.1999

EnumFontFamilies: Enumerating Windows Fonts - Callback vs. VB Intrinsic Code
Based on the VB5 Help File example, this is the simplest code to enumerate the available Windows fonts using a callback and the Windows EnumFontFamilies API.

EnumFontFamilies: Enumerating Windows Fonts by Type
Code to enumerate the available Windows fonts using a callback and the Windows EnumFontFamilies API, but populating the listbox only with fonts matching a desired type

EnumFontFamilies: Enumerate Windows Fonts with Font Preview
This was just for fun ... code to enumerate the available Windows fonts using a callback and the Windows EnumFontFamilies API, populating the listbox with all fonts, and previewing the font at any size between 8 and 120 points.

SetMenuItemInfo: Create a Multi-Column Font Menu
How to populate a Fonts menu and specify column breaks to assure it remains on-screen.

SendMessage: Controlling a ListView Sort Using Callbacks
Use the AddressOf operator to add extended sorting functionality to ListView columns. Updated Mar 01.2000

EnumSystemLocales: Enumerate Installed and Supported System Locales
Retrieve the codepage language names and abbreviations using the EnumSystemLocales callback. Nov 09.1999

EnumWindows: Enumerate (and Restore) a Window via Callback
Using EnumWindows to obtain window information, and provide a means to restore the window regardless of its window position. Mar 01.2000

EnumWindows: Enumerate Windows via a Callback
Another Enum API, this one enumerates system windows using AddressOf.  June 17.1998

EnumChildWindows: Enumeration of Parent and Child Windows via Callbacks
Using EnumWindows and EnumChildWindows.  Jan 26.2000



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