Browse / PIDL / CSIDL Routines
Methods dealing with callbacks, enumeration and subclassing are for VB5/VB6 only.
Updated Monday December 26, 2011
Browse Dialog
SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Overview
Details on the ITEMIDLIST, SHITEMID, BROWSEINFO structures, and the SHGetSpecialFolderLocation, SHGetPathFromIDList and SHBrowseForFolder APIs.

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Dialog
Code to implement the Browse for Folders Dialog in Win32/NT4. See the page above for commented descriptions of the function.

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders New UI Features
Take advantage of some new IE4 and IE5 shell enhancements to the Browse dialog. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse to Obtain Network Machines or Shares
How to return a share or remote computer using the familiar Browse dialog. Nov 30.1999  Updated March 31.2004

Browse Callbacks
SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Callback Overview
A discussion of the terms and requirements for providing the interface to a Browse for Folders callback routine. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Pre-selecting Folders using a Browse Callback
Add a callback routine to your VB5/6 code to allow pre-selecting of a file system object when displaying the Browse Folders Dialog. Added version-detecting code and necessary changes to allow the String method to function on NT. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Restrict Browse Selection to a CD/DVD via Callback
Adding GetDriveType() to a Browse callback to enable selection of a CD/DVD drive only. March 31.2004

DoAddToFavDlg: Add and Manipulate IE Favourite Links
Display the Add To Favourites and Organize Favourites dialogs in your application, and create Internet Favourite entries in the Favourites folder or subfolder specified by the user. Nov 1.1999

DoAddToFavDlg: Create and Manipulate IE Favourites in Specified Folders
Display the Add To Favourites and Organize Favourites dialogs in your application, and create Internet Favourite entries in any system folder obtainable as a PIDL. In addition, open the Organize dialog in any PIDL-based folder, and perform the dialog's create, rename, move or delete operations on any file or folder present. Nov 1.1999

SHGetFolderPath: Overview of Shell and ComCtrl Versions, CSIDL Values
Description of the constants used in SHGetFolderLocation, SHGetFolderPath, SHGetSpecialFolderLocation, and SHGetSpecialFolderPath, to retrieve a special folder's pathname or item ID list (PIDL) Aug 08.1999

SHGetFolderPath: CSIDL Constant Values for Shell Functions
CSIDL constants defined for use with SHGetFolderPath and other special folder or Browse functions.  Aug 08.1999  Updated regularly

SHGetFolderPath: Retrieve Windows Shell Folders (Best Practice)
Using the new MS 'Best Practice' of SHGetFolderPath to retrieve a special folder's pathname Aug 08.1999

SHGetSpecialFolderLocation: Retrieve Windows Shell Folders
An alternate method to the SHGetFolderPath Best Practice for retrieving system folder locations.  Nov 24.1999

Pure VB: Using the Shell Application Object to Retrieve Windows Shell Folders
Get shell folders without APIs. Works on Vista too! Apr 15.2008

Vista Known Folders (Special Folders)
SHGetKnownFolderPath: Retrieve Windows Known (Shell) Folders under Vista
Windows Vista API to retrieve new "Known Folders". Apr 18.2008



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