Common Dialogs Routines
Callbacks, enumerations, hooks and subclassing are for VB5/VB6 only.
Updated Monday December 26, 2011
Browse Dialog
SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Overview
Details on the ITEMIDLIST, SHITEMID, BROWSEINFO structures, and the SHGetSpecialFolderLocation, SHGetPathFromIDList and SHBrowseForFolder APIs.

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Dialog
Code to implement the Browse Folders Dialog in Win32/NT4. See the page above for commented descriptions of the function.

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders New UI Features
Take advantage of some new IE4 and IE5 shell enhancements to the Browse dialog. May 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse to Obtain Network Machines or Shares
How to return a share or remote computer using the familiar Browse dialog. Nov 30.1999

SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Callback Overview
A discussion of the terms and requirements for providing the interface to a Browse for Folders callback routine.

SHBrowseForFolder: Pre-selecting Folders using a Browse Callback
Add a callback routine to your VB5 code to allow pre-selecting of a file system object when displaying the SHBrowseForFolder: Browse for Folders Dialog.

Colour Dialog
ChooseColor: Using the ChooseColor Common Dialog API
How to use the Windows ChooseColor API to relieve reliance on the Common Dialog control.
 Mar 27.2002

ChooseColor: Centering and Customizing the ChooseColor Common Dialog
Using the ChooseColor hook to centre the dialog and modify captions.
 Mar 28.2002

File Dialogs
File Open / File Save Member Overview
Discussion on the members and parameters used in the GetOpenFileName and GetSaveFileName APIs.
May 07.2000

GetOpenFileName: File Open Common Dialog Basics
Fully commented code to call the Win32 GetOpenFileName Common Dialog using APIs. 
Originally posted Dec 27.96. Major revision May 07.2000

GetSaveFileName: File Save Common Dialog Basics
Call the Win32 GetSaveFileName Common Dialog using APIs. Requires the code from the GetOpenFileName demo above.
Originally posted Dec 27.1996. Major revision May 7.2000

GetOpenFileName: File Dialog Centering using a Callback
Add a Windows hook allowing centering of the dialog on-screen. June 7.2000

GetOpenFileName: Advanced Dialog Centering using a Callback
Extend the dialog centering code to include other positioning options. June 7.2000

GetOpenFileName: Set an Open/Save Dialog's Initial Listview View
Set the initial listview state to thumbnails, tiled, icon, details or the default list view. Also provides code to show and hide the Places Bar. July 26.2004

GetOpenFileName: Customize File Open/Save Common Dialog Controls
Find out how to change the captions of the dialog buttons and edit fields. June 7.2000

Pure VB: Retrieve Multiple Filenames from the Common Dialog Control
Code to extract the filenames returned from a standard VB File Open Common Dialog under Win32/VB4-32, where the application is providing the common dialog with both cdlOFNAllowMultiselect and cdlOFNExplorer specified. For vb4-32, vb5, vb6

Fonts Dialog
ChooseFont: Using the ChooseFont Common Dialog API
Calling Windows' Font dialog via API. June 9.2006

ChooseFont: Using the LOGFONT Structure with ChooseFont
Extending the Font dialog functionality to the minimum expected by users. June 9.2006

ChooseFont: Adding 'Apply' to the ChooseFont Dialog
Going the extra mile: Add and respond to an 'Apply' button on the Font dialog. June 9.2006

MessageBoxEx: Displaying an API-created Message Box
Create a message box using the Win32 API Nov 11.1998

SetWindowsHookEx: Customize the API Message Box
Add a system hook and manipulate message box settings, including button captions. Feb 6.2001

SetWindowsHookEx: 'Self-Closing' Message Box using a VB Timer
Create a custom message box that counts down and self-closes. Mar 24.2001

SetWindowsHookEx: 'Self-Closing' Message Box using SetTimer
Create a custom message box that counts down and self-closes without using a VB Timer control. Mar 24.2001

TaskDialog: Displaying the Vista Task Dialog from VB
Displaying Vista's TaskDialog, the MessageBox replacement. Sept 9.2008



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