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Welcome to VBnet, providing the enhanced functionality of the win32 api to intermediate and advanced visual basic developers using 'VB Classic'. All code is provided free of charge but, I do have simple reproduction / distribution rules that ask be adhered to. For more information, please read the VBnet licensing policy. And remember that when you're finished at VBnet, there are plenty of other hardcore links both at here at mvps.org, as well as on the VBnet MVP and Best Links pages. Note: This site does not contain any code for the VB.net development system.


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2009.01.02   WSAEnumProtocols: Enumerating Installed Windows Socket Protocols
2009.01.02   WSAEnumProtocols: Additional Data from Enumerated Windows Socket Protocols
2008.11.17   InternetCheckConnection: Another Way to Check for Internet Connection
2008.11.17   GetSystemMetrics: Resizing a Form to Fit an Image
2008.09.10   WTSQuerySessionInformation: Obtaining the Name of a Computer running a Remote Desktop Session
2008.09.09   TaskDialog: Displaying the Vista Task Dialog from VB
2008.09.08   Manifests: Make the VB IDE use Windows Vista Styles
2008.08.20   IsOs: Windows OS and OS Features Info
2008.07.03   GetSecurityInfo: Obtaining Registry Key Owner Information
2008.04.18    SHGetKnownFolderPath: Retrieve Windows Known (Shell) Folders under Vista
2008.04.15    Pure VB: Using the Shell Application Object to Retrieve Windows Shell Folders
2005.04.15    GetVersionEx: Windows Version Info (Wrapper Routines)  UPDATED FOR VISTA
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29541   IcmpSendEcho: Ping a Machine by IP Address
26666   ShellExecute: ShellExecute Madness
21025   Pure VB: Save a Text File from a String or Text Box in One Call
19275   Pure VB: A Basic Winsock TCP/IP Chat Program
18593   Win32_Processor: WMI Processor Information
17949   FindWindow: Window Title and Class Name Demo
16526   URLDownloadToFile: Fast, Simple and Transparent File Downloads
16404   Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration: WMI Network Adapter Configuration
15705   gethostbyname: Determine Network Host Name and IP Address
15667   DeviceIoControl: Get a SMART Drive Serial Number
14708   SetWindowsHookEx: 'Self-Closing' Message Box using a VB Timer
14665   GetOpenFileName: File Open/Save Common Dialog API - Overview
14525   SHBrowseForFolder: Pre-selecting Folders using a Browse Callback
14352   CreateFile: Test if a File is Open by Another Application
14274   Netbios: Determine Local Adapter MAC Address
13708   SendARP: Determine Local or Remote Adapter MAC Addresses
13676   GetVersionEx: Windows Version Info (Wrapper Routines)
13358   Manifests: Make the VB IDE use Windows XP Styles
13047   GetOpenFileName: File Open Common Dialog Basics
12445   Manifests: Make the VB IDE use Windows Vista Styles
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Due to the volume of email I receive, I regret can't guarantee a personal reply to everyone who requests assistance. The site's contents give a pretty good indication of where my interests lie. I do however read all email, and appreciate the kind words of encouragement that I've received about the quality of the code and the requests to maintain this site. I invite you to request specific code examples, point out errors, or just pass comments on the code or the site.